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Pre-Arrival (Futures) Order Information

Note - local customers that prefer to receive all pre-arrival purchases at one of our stores (will call) should view the bottom of this page for additional information.

One of the most frequent inquiries we receive is "when can I expect delivery of my pre-arrivals?" It's understandable that this kind of question is so common, since you've already paid for the wines and now wait patiently for their arrival. Here is some information to help ease your concerns:

  • Most of our pre-arrival offerings are comprised of multiple purchases from several suppliers. In Bordeaux and Italy for example, we normally end up buying the same wine several different times, at different prices, from different sources. These suppliers often prioritize their shipments on the basis of original order date. Some suppliers move faster than others in getting their shipments sent out. Unfortunately, this often translates into a wide range of arrival dates at our warehouse.
  • When we receive your pre-arrival wine into our warehouse, we follow this procedure:
    1. If we receive all bottles due for a specific wine, we print out a listing of our customers who made a purchase. When we receive only a portion of the total wine due, we print a corresponding number of customer receipts in chronological order from the original order date.
    2. These printouts get affixed to the wine and placed in our warehouse.
    3. Simultaneously we create a "fulfillment order", which is another order for the same wine, with a $0.00 price. Along with the fulfillment order we print out a letter and mail it to you via US Postal Service. This letter notifies you of the wine's arrival, and requests that you contact us with delivery instructions.
  • This separate fulfillment order is listed on your order history page. It stays in "New" status until you request shipment or notify us that you would like it kept at one of our stores for will call.
  • When you make a decision to purchase pre-arrival wine from any retailer, you trust them to a) have already secured future delivery, and b) get the wines to you within a reasonable time frame after they are bottled and become available. You've made a wise decision in choosing K&L... We never make a pre-arrival offering unless we've already secured the wines ourselves, and we've never failed to deliver on a pre-arrival committment to a customer.

Local customers that would prefer to pick up all pre-arrival purchases at one of our stores can specify a preferred will-call destination for all pre-arrival fulfillment orders. Specify your will-call preference at the bottom of our Personal Preferences page.