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Lalocura Cuishe Mezcal (750ml)

Clay pot-distilled mezcal from Eduardo Ángeles, who started Lalocura in 2014 after distilling at his family's Real Minero, that has already attracted a cult following. According to the producer: "Lalocura is produced in Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca, where Maestro Eduardo Ángeles was born and raised, where he learned to distill from his father, and where his palenque is located today. Like all traditional mezcales made in Minas, the agave piñas are roasted in an earthen oven, mashed by hand, fermented outdoors, and distilled in clay pots. It's a process t ... 

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Banhez Artesanal Mezcal (750ml)

Produced by a co-op of mezcaleros in the village of San Miguel Ejutla, Oaxaca, Banhez comes from a sustainable, fair trade mezcal production, the same way it's been done by their ancestors for nearly two centuries. Comprised of 90% Espadin and 10% Barril, Banhez is a delightfully mild, floral and fruity (pineapple, banana) mezcal perfect for first-time mezcal tasters and wonderful for cocktail innovation.

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Del Maguey Chichicapa Mezcal (750ml)

Chichicapa has a relatively light nose, yet is deep and sweet on the tongue with a very complex character. It has a long finish, with a distinct smokiness and hint of mint at the end. Chichicapa is 2 hours south of Oaxaca, and 2 hours to the west on a dirt road. The pueblo elevation is about 7,000 feet. Chichicapa is separated from the valley of Oaxaca by a mountain range. The valley is broad, about thirty miles deep and ten miles wide. The climate is desert and tropical, with banana trees, guava, mangoes and other exotic fruits. Faustino Garcia Vasquez ... 

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El Jolgorio Cuixe Mezcal (750ml)

El Jolgorio is working to put the highest quality wild agave into your hands and they're doing a great job. They're devoted to supporting their growers in a big way, and that means they get the best juice. The family is known throughout Oaxaca and has relationships with grower-distillers that go back generations. The result is one of the highest quality curated brands of single-palenque mezcals designed expressly to capture the magnificent and distinct terroir-driven flavors of the unique agave that they find growing in the Oaxacan back country.

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Cuish Espadin Mezcal (750ml)

Cuish is part of an association of Mezcal leaders in Oaxaca which known for the wide diversity of agaves. The role of Mezcal in this community is of the utmost importance. Whether celebrating social or religious tradition, Mezcal is a part of the ritual. That's why Cuish's process is 100% handmade and traditional, respecting the customs of the different peoples of Oaxaca. In each bottle, you will appreciate the aromas and flavors of each variety of agave. Whether aged for 7 years or 20, you will lavish in the quality.

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Alipus San Juan Del Rio Mezcal (750ml)

So what is the Alipús label and what does it represent in the world of mezcal? Alipús is a series made from contracted mezcales, purchased and marketed by the Danzantes group in Oaxaca, and imported into California by Craft Distillers. Each label corresponds to a specific village where the producer is located. All of them are made entirely from Espadin agave (with the exception of the San Andres that has a smidge of something else thrown in during fermentation). The point is to show the geographical differences that terroir, fermentation, and water ultim ... 

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Destileria Los Danzantes Los Nahuales Blanco Mezcal (750ml) [Cannot ship]

We've long sold the Danzantes mezcales at K&L (now known as "Los Nahuales" in the U.S. per a trademark issue with the Danzantes name), but until today I never really understood where they stood in comparison to our other selections. They're following the tequila model, which is the standard blanco, reposado and añejo progression; choosing to market familiarity rather than specifics. The brand has actually enjoyed more success abroad with the Alipus portfolio, simply because of the wilder flavor profiles and the romanticism surrounding the remote location ... 

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