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Rutte has been distilling jenevers, gins and liqueurs since 1872 and today the firm’s motto still remains the same: "distilled with passion". The distillery has a long and rich history, and over the years the recipes have been handed down faithfully from one generation to the next. Whereas in the 20th century many of the firms in the industry went in search of cheaper methods and raw materials, the Rutte family decided not to embrace this trend of "modernization". As a result the firm has become the custodian of old recipes and traditional craftsmanship....
Price: $29.99

90 points Wine Enthusiast: "Distinctly fruity and floral on the palate, this has notes of rosewater and raspberry, braced by pepper and ginger flecks. This smooth and well-balanced gin is a good choice for making a berry-forward cocktail like the classic bramble. (KN)" (04/2013) K&L Notes: Eleventh-generation heirs, Carl Jr. and Bob Nolet, collaborated with their father, Carolus Nolet Sr., to create a fresh take on gin that appeals to a new generation of gin drinkers. Floral and fruit-forward, the Silver uses some unique ingredients like Turkish rose, ...

Special Order Only! Special order items are not in stock and are dependent upon quantity available from distribution. All special orders are final and non-refundable. Will take 3-7 business days to receive this product before it can be shipped. If you're looking for a vodka with pure black cherry flavor, look no further than the Dutch export: Effen. They've skipped the glycerine, sugars and artificial flavors so as not to overwhelm and balanced the tart fruit flavor out with a hint of vanilla. Effen's vodka is made from premium wheat distilled through ...
Price: $34.99

Same great Effen vodka, but with an awesome rainbow pride label.
Price: $19.99

90 points Wine Enthusiast: "Best well chilled, this classic brand has a mild sweetness that hints at marshmallow and cocoa bean, plus flares of citrus peel, cassia bark and ginger on the clean finish. (KN)" (10/2013) K&L Notes: Ketel One is made in Holland. It is a family-owned business which has been carrying on the tradition of vodka-making for eleven generations. Their focus at Ketel One is quality, tradition, and personal commitment to their customers. This shows in their vodka by offering only the heart of each distillate, tasted by a member of th...

Royal Standard Blended White Rum (1L)
Back In Stock!
Rich and Joel are the importers and distributors for Hayman's gin and that led to a relationship with E & A Sheer, the ancient rum blending house in the Netherlands that helped put the Royal Standard together (they've only been doing this for a few centuries though). ABV bar owner Todd Smith, who was once my sales rep for Pacific Edge (Rich and Joel's distribution business) at K&L, helped as a taster for the project, as did our friends Martin Cate from Smuggler's Cove and Thad Vogler from Bar Agricole. Everyone, myself included, wanted a flavorful, easy-...
Price: $17.99

91 points Wine Enthusiast: "Give this pale gold spirit a couple of minutes to open in the glass. The reward is a gentle almond aroma and mild vanilla sweetness on the palate, rounding to dusty, earthy coriander and a ginger-spiked finish. Made with a portion of genever aged in oak up to 17 years. (KN)" (08/2019) K&L Notes: The ultra complex Old Style from De Borgen is easily one of the most exciting new spirits on the market today. The flashy gold bottle contrasts with the incredible refinement and complexity that lies hidden inside. While this special...

Not to be confused with Lebanese Arak (an anise-flavored spirit similar to Ouzo) or Sri Lankan Arak (a distilled palm wine made from coconut milk), Batavia Arrack is a Javanese/Dutch distilled spirit made from sugarcane and fermented red rice. Prized for its ability to highlight spices, citrus and chocolate, the spirit, which was traded by the Dutch East India Company, was especially popular in the heyday of the "Punch"--between the late 17th and 19th centuries. It is a quintessential ingredient in many of the Punch recipes included in famed New York bar...
Price: $29.99

92 points Wine Enthusiast: "Initial nosing passes reveal a zesty and mildly spicy aroma that's focused on the cereal grain; the bouquet registers on the leaner, drier side of neutral grain spirits and as such is in direct opposition to other creamier, sweeter Dutch vodkas. Palate entry is moderately sweet, almost smoky; at midpalate, a flash of black licorice tempts the taste buds, then recedes, allowing the sweet, nearly smoky/pipe tobacco leaf taste to dominate." (06/2006)

This Genever is truly an historic and special dram. Bols is the world's oldest distilled spirits brand and is the modern predecessor to all gin. The classic Genever is a mix of neutral grain and 'malt spirit.' The malt wine as they call it is distilled from corn, rye, and wheat on copper pot stills to 47% ABV. The resulting spirit is extremely full in flavor and reminiscent of bourbon mixed with single malt. After the first distillation the spirit is blended with a selection of botanicals, focused mainly on the Juniper. This particular bottling has no ne...
Price: $59.99

Special order items are not in stock and are dependent upon quantity available from distribution. All special orders are final and non-refundable.
Price: $17.50