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Glendalough Rose Irish Gin (750ml)

This is NOT a rosé gin. It is a rose gin - as in the Irish rose. It's naturally colored and it's NOT sweet. You may have seen the disgusting "pink gins" out there jammed with artificial flavors, sweeteners, and color, but get that out of your mind. This is the real deal. The gin starts out as the Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin and then a variety of freshly picked rose petals ranging from the Wild Irish Rose to large fragrant Heritage Roses and the ancient prized Damask Rose all come together in the still and afterwards in a maceration to make this natura ... 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Glendalough Wild Botanical Irish Gin (750ml)

93 points Wine Enthusiast: "Look for subtle fennel, licorice and sage notes on nose and palate, with a gentle, refreshing exhale that hints at lemon and lime peel. It is 'foraged from what grows in the mountains,' says the producer of this Irish gin's botanicals. (KN)" (08/2019) K&L Notes: This incredible Irish gin is a true terroir-driven product. They have a full-time forager (actually out foraging every day) and everything they pick goes into the still fresh, not dried. The result is a sustainable and intensely flavored gin. The slow distillation ca ... 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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WE 93

Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy Irish Whiskey (750ml)

95 points Wine Enthusiast: "Intended as a tribute to Midleton Master Distiller Barry Crockett, this delicate, silky whiskey has a golden hue and a lovely fresh-apple scent. On the palate, apple and ripe pear meld with butterscotch and a touch of banana on the long finish. Meant for savoring straight up. (KN)" (03/2014) 92 points Whisky Advocate: "Like the man himself, this is altogether more considered and elegant, mixing whiskeys up to 25 years old for a complex and less bruising experience than the Powers. Instead, lemon and lime zest, kumquat, and b ... 

Inventory: Main Warehouse Hollywood Redwood City

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WE 95 WA 92

West Cork Bourbon Cask Blended Irish Whiskey (750ml)

The West Cork Distillery started as a pet project by John O’ Connell, Denis McCarthy, and Ger McCarthy in 2003 in Union Hall, West Cork. In 2013, after much expansion, WCD moved to a larger distillery in Skibbereen, West Cork where it now resides. It now operates as only one of two independent distilleries in Ireland. That means they actually make their own whiskey that somehow, someway costs about the same as a bottle of 10-year-old Bushmills, despite the fact that they're an independent distillery with heaven knows how much debt and overhead to account ... 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Writers' Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey (750ml)

Whisky Advocate: "Like the Writers Tears reviewed in this issue, this is from an independent company linked to renowned whiskey maker Bernard Walsh. It is described as of a style popular in James Joyce's Dublin (hence the name). Grain whiskey was a no-no at that time, so this uses no grain and is a mix of malt and pot still whiskeys. For its price and strength it is amazing — a big-hearted and full-flavored whiskey with an oily, apple-y pot still heart and cinnamon, nutmeg, and pepper spices. (DS, Summer 2012)" K&L Notes: The elusive Writer's Tears Pot ... 

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey (750ml)

95 points Whisky Advocate: "The latest release pits plum, damson, fruitcake, and rosehip against wild, untamed pot still spices straining at the leash. Clove vociferously trumps raisin as the mouth-drawing power is realized; spices deflect off the tongue’s surface like sparks off an anvil. As its grip slackens, the fruit ripens, bruising slightly, yet sweetening deliciously, and vanilla pod, toasted stave, and cinnamon bark emerge. I swear you feel more Irish with every sip. Editors’ Choice, (JM, Winter 2018)" 93 points Wine Enthusiast: "From county Cor ... 

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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WA 95 WE 93

Five Farms Irish Cream (750ml)

The world's first farm-to-table Irish Cream. The cream is collected from family owned farms in County Cork and blended and bottled within 48 hours of collection. While most Irish creams are about 1% whisky, Five Farms is 10% whisky and uses 10-year-old high-quality whisky for a more intense flavor. Awarded 97 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, this is certainly the world's finest Irish Cream and perfect for the holidays. It also comes in a beautiful old milk bottle package with a swingtop, making it an elegant gift for the holidays.

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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The Irishman Founder's Reserve Caribbean Rum Cask Finish (750ml)

2018 Gold Medal Winner - Best Irish Single Cask Whiskey, Irish Whiskey Awards. 70% single malt and 30% single pot still. From the producer: "Nose: Exotic Rum, apricots and summer fruit/ Taste: Avalanche of tropical fruits and vibrant spices. Finish: Fig, banana and oak spices Intermingle in a spectacular Caribbean twist. The Irishman Founder’s Reserve Caribbean Cask Finish, takes Irish whiskey and finishes it for six months in ex-rum barrels from St. Lucia Distillers. The story behind this bottling more specifically is that Walsh Whiskey founder, Bernar ... 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Glendalough 13 Year Old Virgin Mizunara Finished Irish Single Malt Whiskey (750ml)

Aged in Bourbon barrels and finished in Japanese virgin Mizunara oak that has seen a light char. This 13 year old Irish Single Malt perfeclty marries the spice and fruit of Hokkaido's mizunara oak with the richness of the old Irish malt. Coming in under 100 bucks for such a rarity is a real feat. Jim Murray's Whisky Bible gave it 96 points in 2018 and in 2017 it won Gold for Single Mlat at the Irish Whsikey Masters competition.

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Glendalough Irish Mountain Strength Poitín (750ml)

Claimed to be the world's oldest distilled drink - Poitín is the father of Irish whiskey (AKA - moonshine as we'd call it in the USA). First made by Irish monks in the 6th century in monastaries like Glendalough it was known as Uisce beatha or aqua vitae in Latin - the water of life. Today Glendalough's Poitín is triple distilled in a traditional copper pot-still using malted barley and pure spring water. It has a slightly floral nose with pretty and heady fruit tones. The taste is shockingly smooth and mellow given the 55%. Again a surprisingly fruity e ... 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Drumshanbo "Gunpowder" Irish Gin (750ml)

92 points Wine Enthusiast: "Named for the gunpowder tea that’s part of the botanical mix, this bone-dry gin offers juniper, anise, caraway and lime peel on the nose. The palate opens with grapefruit, finishing long and astringent on pink peppercorn, caraway and a flicker of alcohol heat. Mix into martinis. (KN)" (08/2019) K&L Notes: This wonderful new gin from the curious mind of PJ Rigney is distilled at the Shed Distillery in Drumshanbo, Ireland. Mr. Rigney and his wife opened the Shed distillery in rural Ireland in 2016. It is County Leitrim's first ... 

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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WE 92

Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey (750ml)

95 points Wine Enthusiast: "The bold, fruit aroma suggests fresh-cut apples and honeysuckle, while the silky palate offers deep, bold flavor. Look for dark honey and clove, edging into tea, oak and cocoa midpalate. Apple freshness brightens the dry finish. An ice cube is the only adornment needed for this well-structured, tasty sipper. *Best Spirits of 2017* (KN)" (03/2017) 91 points Whisky Advocate: "Roll out the red carpet, because Green Spot is coming to town. Baked apple, spiced sultanas, lush green lawns, and ripe green fruits greet the nose. It’s ... 

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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WE 95 WA 91

Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey (750ml)

Bourbon barrel aged and finish in Oloroso sherry - this will challenge your perception of Irish whiskey. Similar to American Whiskey, Ireland has seen a huge influx in barrel finished whiskies. The real problem is that most of them don't taste good. Glendalough has, fortunately for drinkers everywhere, nailed it. This still feels like Irish whiskey through and through. Floral and fruity on the nose, silky smooth on the palate, and just the right amount of spice and orange peel on the finish. It's one of the best executed sherry finished whiskies we have. ... 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Glendalough 7 Year Old Porter Finished Irish Single Malt Whiskey (750ml)

Once again - Glendalough delivers on a perfectly balanced, yet interesting finish on their Irish whiskey. This 7 year old single malt shines with all of the mellow bright fruit and malt character you'd expect layered with chocolate, cocoa, toffee, and sweet spice. Gold Medal winner at the 2018 World Whiskey Awards for Single Malt under 10 years old.

Inventory: Main Warehouse Redwood City San Francisco

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Redbreast "Lustau Edition" Sherry Finished Irish Whiskey (750ml)

93 points Whisky Advocate: "The 120-year-old sherry house Lustau originally operated as an almacenista, but now produces a broad portfolio of wine styles in Jerez. The nose is intensely fragrant, bursting with fat dates and squidgy prunes, red apple and Battenburg cake. It’s fruity, yet bone dry, with oak, walnut, and spices. This is full-bodied yet refined Redbreast: the Spanish oak sherry butts shaping the red berry fruits, apples, marzipan, and creamy yet oily consistency. Clean, sweet oloroso finish. Qué delicioso! (JM, Winter 2016) " 91 points Wine ... 

Inventory: Main Warehouse Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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WA 93 WE 91

Redbreast Irish Whiskey 3x50ml Bottle Gift Pack

This wonderful stocking stuffer has three 50-milliliter bottles of Redbreast. One each of the 12 year, 15 year, and Lustau sherry cask, all rated 93-96 points Whisky Advocate. The perfect stocking stuffer for lovers of Irish whiskey.

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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Yellow Spot Single Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey (750ml)

91 points Whisky Advocate: "After last year's pot still triple whammy from Irish Distillers, we couldn't expect any more, could we? Could we? Step forward Yellow Spot, which seems to hold the view that if you can't beat 'em, don't get in the ring; go and pick a fight somewhere else. The pot still green apple and nutmeg notes are there on the nose and palate, but the nose also has vanilla and marzipan. On the palate the whiskey trips off to Speyside with sweetness, citrus zest, and pepper. Another game changer. (Fall, 2012) " K&L Notes: The big brother t ... 

Inventory: Main Warehouse Redwood City San Francisco

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WA 91

Jameson Irish Whiskey (750ml)

Whisky Advocate: "Meet the undisputed driver of the Irish whiskey resurgence. The nose is light, with baked apple strudel, toasty staves, and hints of the bourbon and sherry cask influence. There are discernible pot still elements contributing a fruity character and plenty of weight. This dominant triple distilled whiskey is smooth, sure, although that characteristic improves noticeably up the range. Expect Braeburn apples, raspberry, strawberry, currants, and mixed peel, with a short finish of cinnamon spice and a dull fruit note. (JM, Fall 2015)" Wine ... 

Inventory: Redwood City

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Tyrconnell 15 Year Single Cask Single Malt Irish Whiskey (750ml)

Whisky Advocate: "Honey, baklava, lemongrass, artichoke, vanilla, herbal stems, and Turkish delight make for a thought-provoking glass of whiskey. Sipping reveals a gentle, fruity delight; this is silky smooth and packed with dried fruits, mango, papaya, vanilla, light caramel, pleasant spices, and as it unwinds, it oozes honey and sweetness. As the honey and peppery spices fade on the finish, a hint of mint appears. (JM, Fall 2018)"

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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Redbreast 12 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey (750ml)

96 points Whisky Advocate: "Very elegant, complex, and stylish. Honeyed and silky in texture, with toffee, toasted marshmallow, nougat, maple syrup, banana bread, and a hint of toasted coconut. Bright fruit and golden raisin blend in nicely with the layers of sweetness. Impeccable balance and very approachable. Classic Irish whiskey! *Value Pick* (JH, Winter 2010) " 93 points Wine Enthusiast: "From county Cork comes this bartender favorite. Look for a vibrant golden color and enticing honeysuckle and buttery brioche aroma. This whiskey feels soft and se ... 

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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WA 96 WE 93

Redbreast 15 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey (750ml)

92 points Whisky Advocate: "Redbreast 12 year old is a classic pure pot still Irish whiskey; where can you go from there? This new 15 year old expression is more muscular (bottling at 46% and not chill filtering certainly helps), but there are trade-offs. It’s a bit closed on the nose (like a great Bordeaux wine that’s too young). I do enjoy the silky/oily texture, the bold resinous oak spice grip on the finish, and the rich nutty toffee, fig, black raspberry, chocolaty, chewy nougat throughout the palate. (JH, Winter 2010)" 91 points Wine Enthusiast: " ... 

Inventory: Main Warehouse Redwood City San Francisco

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WA 92 WE 91

Jameson "Black Barrel" Irish Whiskey (1L)

92 points Wine Enthusiast: "The former Bourbon barrels used to mature this whiskey were 'charred and double charred,' the producer says, to coax more from the barrel wood. Look for an almost piña colada-like effect: coconut and tropical fruit aromas, and a rich, honey-soaked palate that shows caramelized pineapple and dried apricot. *Best Buy* (KN)" (03/2019) 91 points Whisky Advocate: "Sumptuously rich and intense whiskey emerges from these double-charred casks; a seduction of butterscotch, treacle, toasted nuts, scorched coconut, raisin, and vanilla ... 

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City

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WE 92 WA 91

Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey (750ml)

94 points Wine Enthusiast: "Teasingly sweet on the palate, this easy-drinking blend has a dark gold cast and notes of honey, rich vanilla, fruit and spice. The finish is long and warming—note the high proof. It's delicious but not too precious to mix into cocktails." (03/2014)

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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WE 94

Slane Triple Casked Irish Blended Whiskey (750ml)

92 points Wine Enthusiast: "Best Buy Recommendation. An easy, elegant sipper, look for a gentle vanilla-caramel-almond profile on the nose and palate as well as a silky feel. Mild baked pear and dried apricot midpalate wind into a cinnamon and clove finish. Sip or mix." K&L Notes: Slane is the result of a fabulous partnership. The family Conyngham of Slane Castle and the whiskey savants of Brown Forman have come together to produce a truly excellent addition to the Irish Whiskey world. Triple casked in a combination of virgin oak with a unique medium ch ... 

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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WE 92 WA 90