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The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters (200ml)

(Classified as a spirit. Do not ship to no spirits locations.) Launched in 2006 by two German bartenders, The Bitter Truth brings some classic yesteryear savor to today's cocktails. A spicy add to your next Manhatten, the Creole is "Bitter, sweet and spicy," the producers say. "According to the traditional Creole style, fruity and floral aromas unite with the flavors of anise, caraway and fennel." Producer notes: "Creole equals flavorful, and these bitters are as unique as the culture it encapsulates. With fruit scents of dried apricots, cherries and cr ... 

Inventory: Hollywood San Francisco

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The Bitter Truth Peach Bitters 200ml

Delicate peach notes are balanced with hints of almonds and backed up with subtle spices and bitter nuance. The natural aroma of fresh peaches dominates. There is a lifted acidity to the back end.

Inventory: San Francisco

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The Bitter Truth Grapefruit Bitters 200ml

Bright, complex citrus. A dominant grapefruit aroma and flavor mellows into the vegetal notes of hops and green tea. This is perfect for citrus heavy drinks that can feel a little dull or overly sweet.

Inventory: San Francisco

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The Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas' Own Decanter Bitters 200ml

From the producer: "The Bitter Truth – Jerry Thomas’ Own Decanter Bitters is based on a recipe by Professor Jerry Thomas (1830-1885), who is considered to be the most important bartender of the 19th century. Of course the original recipe wasn’t copied exactly, but the formula was improved to comply with today’s demands. Tasting Notes: Very fruity and very bitter. Citrus and dried fruit aromas unite with the spicy and bitter flavors of cloves, angostura bark and cinnamon." (Classified as a spirit. Cannot ship to "no spirits" locations.)

Inventory: Hollywood

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The Bitter Truth Olive Bitters 200ml

Salty aromas of green and black olives with a touch of vinegar, laid back notes of garlic rounding out an overall savory flavor profile with gentle bitter notes.

Inventory: San Francisco

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The Bitter Truth Orange Flower Water 125ml

Essential, non-alcoholic water made out of bitter orange blossoms. Traditional ingredient for drinks and food across North Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Very flowery and subtle. Natural, unobtrusive flavor of bitter orange blossoms. This is a key ingredient for a classic Ramos Fizz.

Inventory: Hollywood

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Underberg Bitters (20ml bottles three-pack) (cannot ship)

Since 1846, Europeans have known Underberg as a remarkably satisfying way to conclude a meal. But to define Underberg, you have to experience it. Underberg is a natural herb bitters taken for digestion. It is not a beverage and should be sipped or taken all at once because of its strong herbal taste. It can also be used as a flavoring. Sample Underberg after a good meal to feel bright and alert. Underberg is made from a selection of the finest aromatic herbs from 43 countries. The ingredients include alcohol and natural flavors from herbs and roots of th ... 

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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The Bitter Truth Rose Water 125ml

Essential, non-alcoholic water made out of rose petals. It adds a nifty flowery note to cocktails and long drinks. It's distinctive and powerfully floral.

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City

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