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Asahi Shuzo Dassai "50" Junmai Daiginjo Nigori Sake (300ml)

Possibly the sexiest Nigori we have ever tasted. You don't usually see Nigori at a Ginjo level! This is sleek and delightfully light. There is a touch of carbonation, which helps lift the sweetness of the rice. Great fruity notes and a very clean style for a creamy sake. (Keith Mabry, K&L Hollywood)

Inventory: Hollywood

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Kikusui Junmai Ginjo Sake (300ml)

Junmai Ginjo is the second-highest grade of sake, the rice-based alcoholic beverage that has become a strong symbol of Japanese culture. To qualify for this prestigious title a sake must be made with rice polished (to remove bran and improve taste) to below 60 percent of its original weight, and must not be fortified with distilled alcohol. Producer Note: "This is a light and comfortably dry premium Sake with the aroma of fresh cantaloupe and banana followed by medium body bringing refreshing Mandarin orange like overtones. With just the right amount of ... 

Inventory: Hollywood San Francisco

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Kikusui Junmai Ginjo Sake (720ml)

Kikusui has been run by the Takasawa family for five generations. They are committed to producing the highest quality sake at an affordable price. From the producer: "This is a light and comfortably dry premium Sake with the aroma of fresh cantaloupe and banana followed by a medium body bringing refreshing Mandarin orange-like overtones. With just the right amount of body and a comfortable dryness it enhances any dish you eat. This is a great white wine alternative that is perfect for Sake lovers and beginners alike."

Inventory: Hollywood

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Chiyonosono Shuzo "Shared Promise" Junmai Sake (720ml)

Until this sake came along in the 1960’s, all sake had distilled alcohol added to it due to rice shortages and war rationing. After the war, Chiyonosono crafted the first junmai sake (brewed with neither distilled alcohol nor additives of any kind) and celebrated by sharing it from a large, red lacquered sake cup called a Shuhai. The brewers made a promise to one another to keep up their efforts each year to make high-quality sake from rice alone. Delicate and soft, with a hint of sweetness coddled in layers of umami. Subtle floral notes and orange citru ... 

Inventory: Redwood City

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Miyasaka "Sake Matinée" Yawaraka Junmai Sake 720ml

Yawaraka’s mild 12% alcohol content makes it an easy-going companion to whatever emerges from the kitchen. Please do not agonize over food pairings with this sake. Yawaraka is more like a family friend, welcome at the table, always agreeable, good company glass after glass. This charming junmai, with its faint taste of wild plum, represents a new direction for Japanese brewers. It is smooth and gentle, with sweetness and acidity in finely etched balance. Ideal for lunchtime sake-sipping.

Inventory: Hollywood

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Tozai "Snow Maiden" Tokubetso Junmai Nigori Sake 720ml (Unfiltered)

This is a fairly thick and chewy "nigorizake" (cloudy sake), but it is still surprisingly dry. The aromas are bright and fresh and they show a lovely ricey and fruity combination. In the mouth, this sake has solid weight and gives the same flavors of fresh fruit and creamy fresh rice that your nose told you about. The finish has a pleasant astringency and is nicely mellow, beckoning you for another mouthful. You will rarely taste a classier nigori at this price. This maybe the ultimate food-friendly nigori.

Inventory: San Francisco

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Bunraku Nihonjin No Wasuremono "The Forgotten Spirit" Yamahai Junmai Sake (300ml)

Bunraku brewery was founded in 1894 by Kamekichi Kitanishi upon discovering the distinctly hard water of the Arakawa River. Inspired by the trinity comprised of the chanter, puppeteer, and shamisen player in traditional Japanese Puppet Theater, Bunraku’s closely guarded recipes and time-honored methods of sake production focus on sake’s sacred trinity of ingredients: rice, water and koji. Their Yamahai utilizes traditional methods to harness the depth and complexity of the natural microbiom of the Kanto region. Crystal clear, vibrant, and full of aromat ... 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Rihaku "Wandering Poet" Junmai Ginjo Sake 300ml

Yamada Nishiki rice polished to 55%. Brewed carefully and slowly at low temperatures using traditional brewing techniques and characterized by a well-rounded flavor with a solidness to the flavor and fragrance, and a clean finish.

Inventory: San Francisco

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Masumi Okuden Kanzukuri "Mirror of Truth" Junmai Sake 300ml

The legendary Masumi Brewery in Nagano is widely considered one of the finest Sake operations in Japan. Founded in 1662 in the town of Suwa, the brewery committed to perfection and extreme attention to detail without giving up tradition. Their famous President Masaru Miyasaka and his prodigy brew master Chisato Kubota became famous for traveling across Japan like Buddhist monks in search of knowledge and truth in Sake production. Indeed, Kubota is responsible for discovering a new and highly prized yeast strain in 1946, forever cementing Masumi Brewery's ... 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Seikyo Takehara "Mirror Of Truth" Junmai (720ml)

Brewed with Omachi rice polished to 55%, this junmai sake is characterized by a deeply rich and soft taste, as well as a crisp finish. Omachi rice was discovered more than 150 years ago and is the oldest existing pure (i.e. not cross-bred) rice variety in Japan. Bright and lively, this sake shows notes of ripe watermelon, mango, and citrus in the finish. It is well balanced with a rounded flavor and clean acidity.

Inventory: Hollywood

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Tamagawa "Ice Breaker" Fresh Pressed Namagenshu Sake (720ml)

Tamagawa Sake has built a reputation for producing ultra high-quality sake of great distinction. The brewery, called Kinoshita, was established in 1842 and is the only Japanese sake brewery under the direction of a non-Japanese toji, the illustrious Philip Harper. The house style prioritizes intensity of flavor and elegance, but retains exquisite balance nonetheless. Cask-strength, deep-flavored and spicy. Unpasteurized for extra zing. Best enjoyed over ice in summer and fall—the flavor and aroma shift as the temperature in the glass changes. Designed to ... 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Yuho Ishikawa "Eternal Embers" Junmai Sake 720ml

We often tell people to drink that bottle of sake up quickly like a white wine. Such a delicate liquid must go bad quickly after exposure to that monster of a molecule, O2, right? Turns out, we've all been making a terrible least some of the time. While it's true that many sake will go flat sitting in the fridge after a week, a select few will continue to open and blossom for weeks or even months. We know that sake can age in the bottle, but the Yuho is something completely different. This stuff is made like no other sake in Japan. This exci ... 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Chikurin Karoyoka Junmai Ginjo Sake (300ml)

This sake is made by the Marumoto Brewery, which is nicknamed "The Farmers’ Brewery" because the farmers who grow the rice also brew the sake. An estate-bottled sake, Chikurin is made from 100% Yamada Nishiki, the most famous variety of sake rice. This is a blend of the their fresh sake and up to four year old tank aged sake offering extreme complexity while not overpowering the palate. A true farm to table sake of the highest order and one of the most approachable and versatile bottles in the store.

Inventory: Hollywood

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Tentaka Kuni "Hawk in the Heavens" Junmai Sake (720ml)

Milled to 55%, this Junmai sake from Tochigi Prefecture is made from Gohyakumangoku rice and is brewed with water from an underground mountain spring. This is round in style, with a floral note at the finish. Producer's tasting note: "Dry and crisp, the flavors are dominated by mixed nuts, fresh cut green grass and other earthier flavors. Very pleasing for those who want fresh sake flavor, but more complexity beyond the fermented fruit flavors."

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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Shimaoka Shuzo Gunma Izumi Honjozo Sake (720ml)

Polished to 60%. This is a classic, delicious Honjozo with crimini mushroom, almonds and lilac on the nose. The first sip of this sake is full of stone fruit and pure minerality followed by notes of caramel, cocoa and almond and finishes with plenty of umami. Unique to this sake, and something the brewer is now famous for in Japan, is blending sakes that are 1-3 years old, to create this incredible, harmonious sake.

Inventory: Redwood City San Francisco

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