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Helios Distillery "Kura The Whisky" Rum Cask Finished Pure Malt Japanese Whisky (750ml)

The Helios Distillery in the city of Nago has become renowned for their exceptional Awamori, the local Okinawan specialty. This is a kind of aged Sochu that has been consumed on the island since the 15th century. While they made their name locally for selling Awamori, Helios was quietly distilling ultra high quality rum and malt whisky. Their flagship whisky, sold under the Kura brand, is one of the most unique and enticing Japanese whiskies we've ever come across. They begin with peat sourced from the mires of Hokkaido. The Japanese peat has a lot of th ... 

Inventory: Main Warehouse Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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Kujira Ryukyu 20 Year Old "Bourbon Cask" Japanese Whisky (750ml)

Founded in 1952, Kumesen Syuzo produces a distilled spirit known as Awamori that is made entirely with rice and is unique to the Okinawa islands of Japan. Typically aged for just a few years and consumed at lower proof, the distillery began experimenting with high proof aging in ex-bourbon casks in 1989. The result are stocks of extremely old single grain whisky. The age and the american oak set this whisy apart from most of the other rice whiskies on the market because both create a depth and complexity that are not present in the younger products. Stil ... 

Inventory: Hollywood

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Teeda Japanese Okinawa Rum (750ml)

In the Japanese deep south, Okinawa's subtropical climate is perfectly suited for growing cane. There in 1961, the Helios distillery began making rum from the freshly cut Okinawan sugarcane. The distillery presses the black cane in house. A perfect medium for micro-biological growth, the cane juice begins fermenting immediately. The fermented juice is distilled in potstills and aged in American Oak for upwards of five years. A truly unique expression of Sugarcane juice rum from one of Japan's most interesting distillers.

Inventory: Hollywood Redwood City San Francisco

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