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Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Gin (1L)
Top Pick!
The story of Monkey 47 gin is romantic: in 1951, a British man named Montgomery Collins moved to Germany's Black Forest and opened a guesthouse named "Zum wilden Affen"--the wild monkey. At that time a renowned gin drinker, Collins's taste for the spirit was unknown until renovation work at the country guesthouse led to the discovery of a weighty old wooden box containing a bottle and a letter. The dusty bottle had been labeled and decorated by hand, showing a sketch of a monkey and the words "Max the Monkey--Schwarzwald Dry Gin." The accompanying letter...
Price: $69.99

The recipe for Gothic gin was created and inspired by the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, Spain. All of the botanicals are handpicked and sourced from the finest organically grown sources. While there is a strong juniper backbone, the gin really showcases an amazing texture and creative selection of botanicals. There is a slight menthol characteristic and a spicy background of peppercorn. The texture is sublime. It's a wonder in a Martini, but equally at home in a G&T or Negroni. Don't be afraid to use this gin liberally, it mixes great. In fact, it's the q...
Price: $64.99

This special gin, distilled blended and bottled in Kyoto, is a classic dry gin with a distinct Japanese twist. Starting with a rice spirit base and traditional dry gin botanicals, the Ki No Bi adds yellow yuzu, Japanese cypress wood, bamboo, gyokuro tea and Japanese green sansho peppercorns. The result is a tantalizing burst of unique and exotic flavors around an already spectacular and familiar dry gin. A excellent addition to the ever expanding selection of quality gins coming from around the world.
Price: $59.99

Price: $59.99

Not a London Dry nor a fancy new wave concoction, the Jerbis gin strikes a balance between elegance, complexity, and a juniper forward aroma. The recipe uses 43 botanicals and includes citrus, juniper, and chamomile. All of Fred's herbs are grown in his garden or foraged within 50km of his home in the far north east of Italy. All infusions are done separately with both hot and cold extraction and a few are steam distilled with water (not alcohol) to best extract teh essential oils. This reflects Fred's mastery of the dark arts of profumeria to maximize h...
Price: $54.99

This incredible gin is the exact same recipe as the traditional Loch & Union gin with one major difference. Rather than use a neutral grain spirit like 99% of all gins, they take the low wines from their single malt production and charge the gin still with that instead. The results are a fabulously creamy, nutty, granola type backbone for a super fresh classic set of botanicals. It makes one spectacular martini and offers a really fun new twist to all of your other classics. This kind of creativity makes it one the most unique gins on the shelf without b...
Price: $59.99

Hot on the heels of Germany's Monkey 47, the new Ferdinand's Saar gin captures that same delicate and intricately-balanced flavor profile, but takes it to the next level in terms of authenticity with a Riesling-infused base! Along with the fruit-focused elements of Germany's most traditional grape, the Saar gin uses thirty botanicals to create a light, sophisticated, and complex flavor profile. Including hop, jasmine, rose hip, sloe, sour orange, bergamot, fennel, and elderflower, the range of botanicals mixes beautifully with the Riesling to create what...
Price: $55.99

Price: $54.99