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Staff Favorites - Kirk Walker

Kirk Walker


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2017 Catena Zapata "DV Catena - Tinto Histórico" Red Blend Mendoza
Review Date: 08-08-2020
This is Argentina! Malbec and Bonarda with a pinch of Petite Verdot. this is a dark, heady wine. Intensely colored, intensely aromatic, intensely flavors. This is all dark berries and plums with a floral lift and a hint of oak spice. It explodes on the palate it is like a blackberry, peach and plum cobbler still warm from the oven. The wine is big but not tannic, just a mouthful of fun. Rich and hearty but not cloying perfect for a quick grill or maybe takeout hamburgers.
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2019 Bodega Chacra "Cincuenta y Cinco" Pinot Noir Rio Negro Patagonia
Review Date: 08-08-2020
This is great wine. Full stop. It is arresting. The nose is intoxicating. Fruit, berries, flowers, spices, exotic woods, earth and stones I have to be general because trying to capture this nose with words is futile. That is what a great wine should be like. I loved this wine before I could take a full sniff, minutes later I'm still smelling it not even tempted to take a sip. Only the best Pinots can do that. There is an intensity to this wine the speaks to its Argentine roots. You can see it in the color of the wine, there is a saturated vibrancy here it is deep and pure, just like that flavors of the wine. It is built like Burgundy. There is a sneaky weight and tannins and focusing acidity. The fruit is all New world the structure is old world. With decanting, any of the edges that shows upon opening disappears. The fruit fleshes out, but the wine never loses its focus or drive. The mixed fruit play out long on the palate with real subtle oak and a distinctive Patagonian stony earth note. Again, this wine is great. It should age gracefully for a long time but with how good it tastes now only people who have off site storage might have the chance to try it with age.
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2018 Fromm Pinot Noir Marlborough New Zealand
Review Date: 08-07-2020
I was very excited to see the Fromm back in stock. This is an estate that always delivers and it is foundational to my understanding of the New Zealand Pinot Noir. This wine just smells like New Zealand Pinot should. Dark red fruit with just a hint of savory herbs. It is complex and intriguing on the palate with a herbal laced macerated cherry thing that is framed with a slight hint of oak. It is long, fresh and fun.
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2012 El Coto "Coto de Imaz" Gran Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 07-22-2020
Gran Reserva wines are statement wines. They are made to impress. This is a Gran Reserva! The nose is incredibly evocative for me, of what I cannot pinpoint exactly, I have spent the last months devouring Brandon Sanderson Cosmere books. The fruit is a dark and concentrated mix of berries of all colors but there is a red and almost purplish tone to it. The oak beautifully accentuates the fruit. Layers of subtle and not so subtle spice and there is whiffs of earth and stone. It is exotic almost like from a fantasy novel. The concentration on the nose reveals itself and intensity on the palate. This wine is dense and powerful. The exotic spice and fruit from the nose is here on the palate coiled and ready. I get a sense that the acid, tannin and the oak are physically restraining the liquid of the wine. Keeping it focused and in check, I love that tension. This is a wine that needs decanting, let it wear itself out a little before dinner. Or put in the cellar this is a wine that will repay time and repeat readings/drinkings. For all of my flourishes this is not an opaque nor obtuse wine this is great Rioja perfect for any hearty feast or with a little cheese, cured meat and a good book.

2006 Faustino I Gran Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 07-21-2020
This is a timeless icon of Rioja. While sipping on this wine trying to put my thoughts together I noticed that on the label. It is so correct. Faustino is Rioja. Before I started to really understand Rioja, I understood that Faustino was Rioja. This wine is a classic. The first sniff proclaims this to be Rioja; intense, rich, spicy and surprisingly youthful. If I didn't know what I was trying I would have assumed that it was at least 5 years younger than it is. The fruit is fresh with that great mix of dark fruit and red berries that is spiced with oak and earth the way that only Rioja can be. The palate is fresh and very youthful for its age. The tannins are present but rounded and there is a mature easiness to the wine yet it is still driven and energetic. The fruit is a mix of mulled dark berries, snappy red berries, cherry, plums with a little coconut, and woodsy spice. The finish is long and clean with spice soft earthy notes, and mellow fruits. The wine is charming and exotic. Drink it up now, or with the way that it is built, keep it in your cellar for a decade or more.

2016 Vinos del Viento "Montaña La Ermita de Santa Bárbara" Garnacha Campo de Borja
Review Date: 07-14-2020
This is Garnacha! From a single vineyard of red sandstone soils that is 900 meters in elevation, the vines are bush trained, dry farmed and are over fifty years old. Fermented in a mixture of new and used French oak and concrete and aged for 12 months in barrel, this wine demands your attention. It is medium to full bodied, it is round with super polished tannins and a fresh finish. The flavors travel the spectrum of Garnacha fruit, red berries, plums, a hint of orange blossom, herbs, smoke, dusty mineral and an umami note. The aromas and flavors roll and evolve starting from the first sip. There is so much going on here flavor wise yet it leaves you with one thought, "dang! that's good". hedonistic and intellectual, I'm in trouble! This wine is seriously crushable wine.
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2016 Errazuriz "Max - Reserva" Chardonnay Aconcagua Costa
Review Date: 07-04-2020
There is so much wine here especially at the reasonable of a price. It is a wine of subtlety, complexity and length. I should not be surprised, Errauriz has been making great wines for a very, very long time. They were the winery that first developed vineyards the coastal region of Aconcagua. Cool, foggy coastal vineyards planted on stony loamy soils. The wine is medium full bodied with nice texture, there is a creamy roundness that transitions to a cool crisp finish. Cool and ripe is the best way to describe the fruit. It is cool pear and citrus zest, lemon, tangerine and ruby grapefruit. The soils impart a subtle minerality the peaks through on the finish. This wine makes me think of a cross between Burgundy and Oregon, the focus, energy and minerality as Burgundy and the weight and cool exoticness of fruit as Oregon Chardonnay. What a treat.

2017 Arboleda Chardonnay Aconcagua Costa
Review Date: 06-02-2020
This is Chilean Chardonnay that will alter most people's perceptions of Chilean Chardonnay. Native yeast fermentation in French oak and a third of the wines undergo Malolactic fermentation. This is New world Chardonnay that has more in common with Burgundy than California. In fact the cool pear, apple, and muted floral elements, backed with a hint of flint and a whiff of oak that makes me immediately think of Pouilly Fuisse. It is not until the wine hits the palate that you have to reconsider that assumption. There is a little more weight, a hint more texture, the fruit is riper, more Fuji apple than green apple, these things stand out immediately. The focus and drive of the wine definitely feel the cooler climate. This has drive and zip and a really fun lingering minerality. The cork dork in me loves that the stony origins of this wine are metamorphic and igneous while the prototypical Chardonnay (Burgundian) stone is sedimentary. You can feel the difference on the finish, I love it. All that being said, the wine is lovely and delicious. Apple pear, citrus with a soft creamy texture to help soften the crisp edge without dulling it. The finish has good persistence, where the apple and pear play with the schist and igneous minerality. A perfectly refreshing aperitif on a warm summer evening but I think this will really shine with lighter poultry and fish dishes as well as salads now that the weather wants us to spend more time outside.

2015 Marqués de Murrieta "Capellanía" Blanco Rioja
Review Date: 06-02-2020
This is great wine. It effortlessly does everything that great wine can do. It tastes specifically of where it is from. It is made from old vine fruit grown in a single vineyard. That single vineyard is in a region renowned from making great wines for centuries. It spent 15 month in new French oak barrels, now that can be a tricky thing for some people and for them it is mitigated by being stored at least a year in bottle before release and in this case it has already seen a full three years in bottle. (A quick aside, thank you Rioja. Thank you for maintaining a tradition of wine that keeps wine from entering the market too immediately.) This is already a fully realized wine, it will age beautifully for a long time, but there is no need to wait and put it in your cellar, just drink it. Imagine buying a premier cru white burgundy from a great producer where the wine was stored in their cellar for years before release, how expensive would that be?! This is a tremendous value. This wine feels like a great wine. It is textural and rich with tension and drive. It smells and tastes like a great wine. It is effortlessly complex, by that I mean that there are many layers and a huge range of flavors but it is not overwhelming they all work together to every component. it is just fun to smell and taste, you do not need food but what a dinner companion! This has been a take-out champion in my house. Half a bottle with Indian one night, second half with Persian, that was two weeks ago for me. This wine will go with almost everything, and it will immediately elevate everything. The best and most important thing about this wine is it just tastes good! It is intellectually satisfying but it is just delicious.

2015 Bodegas Muga "Selección Especial" Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 05-12-2020
This is an impressive wine. It is to be expected, Muga makes great wines. The 2015 Seleccion Especial definitely lives up to its Especial title. This is Rioja, unmistakably, but the accent has a strong French influence that softens the traditional Castillian. This is Rioja that framed with French oak. It helps soften and well and intensify Tempranillo. That is a round about way of saying, this is Rioja for anyone who love Cabernet. This is a dark, rich, concentrated wine. It is also aromatic, expressive, complex and wonderfully balanced. The fruit is about the beautiful dark berries and fruits that Tempranillo and Graciano bring to the party. There are sizable tannins but the oak polishes them and keeps them in check. Behind the fruit there are faint herbs, spice and a dusty mineral thing. Most importantly, now that we are at the end, this wine sings! It vibrates on the palate and just goes and goes and goes. This great tonight, it will need some time to open up but it will age nicely for a long time.

2016 Ritual Casablanca Valley Pinot Noir
Review Date: 03-21-2020
This is a decadent everyday Pinot Noir. The nose is rich and deep with dark cherry, red berries, very fine dark oaky spice and just a hint of earth. The wine is seamless, it glides across your palate almost like silk. The fruit earth and spice are more integrated giving the wine a level of exotic sophistication that you do not expect for the price point. This is a perfect treat that is not overly indulgent.
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2017 Clos de Luz "Arao" Red Blend Rapel Valley
Review Date: 03-19-2020
This wine is perfectly K&L. This is a perfect combination of clean new world fruit with the elegant structure of classic Bordeaux, and it is a terrific bargain. Now that gets said a lot, by a lot of producers in California but the wines always feel CA no matter how much they protest their old world structure. This wine feels like Bordeaux, it just doesn't smell or taste like it. What does this wine taste like? Not like you would expect Carmenre to smell and taste. It is bright and pure with higher tones dark red and dark berry tones. It has a pepperiness but it is not green bell pepper it is a subtle paprika tone. To balance that out there is a soft spice, hint fo cocoa and a whiff of coffee. The palate is clean and dry with soft tannins enough richness to give it some heft and clean finish. The wine is bright, poised, complex and elegant, a hard thing to accomplish at this price point. This speaks to so many people's favorites wines but is is a unique and delicious reinterpretation of those favorites.
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2016 Bodegas Muga Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 03-11-2020
This is show-stopping Rioja. I have never had a Muga Reserva like this. The nose is incredible, it is a needle scratch nose, I had to double-check that I had the right wine, and I was the one who poured it! There is a dark ripe fruit tone that you would never expect from a Reserva Rioja. It is broad with loads of the dark berries you expect from Tempranillo and Graciano but there is something amiss with the nose, where is the oak? It is there, but it is hiding behind all of that fruit. It is upon the second and third sniff that you catch the Rioja complexity. Oak spice, earth, tobacco, muted florals, and minerality. I do not know how anyone cannot like how this smells. The palate delivers everything that you expect from a Muga Reserva. The fruit is darker, with more purity than some recent vintages but the structure, depth of flavor, complexity, and length are all there. The also exuberance on the nose is balanced by the restrain of the palate. The tannins are present, framing and very polished. The oak accentuates the fruit, focusing it with a subtle spice. This has another level of sophistication that you would expect from this classic Rioja producer. The finish is long, with a great interplay of dark fruit and a fine stony earthiness. This quite a Rioja, it speaks to the work that they do not only in the vineyards but the winery too, the wine expresses not only the region and the specific winery but does so without you seeing any of their work. This will be very hard to not drink every bottle that you buy in the near future, but this is a wine that will improve for well over a decade.
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2017 Susana Balbo "Crios" Malbec Mendoza
Review Date: 02-20-2020
Dark cherry fruits backed with a little oak and spice. The Crios has been a go-to Malbec for what seems to be forever! Built like an easy-drinking Cabernet with dark and rich red fruits, just a little Argentine spice, earth, easy tannins, and a clean finish. This is an uncomplicated delicious wine. A wine for all occasions, but right now I am thinking about drinking this with take-out Kebabs.

2016 Casino di Sala "Rosso dei Tatanni" Toscano
Review Date: 02-11-2020
This is bold Sangiovese from the heart of Chianti Classico. You can see that more inspiration was taken from Brunello than its neighbors. The nose is dark and rich with a little earth and spice, but it is about the dark fruits. The palate is unmistakably Sangiovese, but tamed Sangiovese. The wine has plenty of structure but the fruit rests on top of it, making the tannin and the acid the third or fourth thing that you notice. It is here where a little more of the delicate red fruits peek out from behind the darker, more powerful elements, as well as hints of savory herbs, earth, and a touch of spice. This is definitely a dinner wine, but it does not require a side of beef; I would be very happy with tri-tip, or a takeout burger, as well as a hearty ragu.
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2017 Ferraton Père et Fils "Lieu-Dit Patou" Cornas
Review Date: 01-25-2020
Cornas delivers one of my favorite expressions of Syrah in the world. There is an energy and lift to these wines that balance the savory elements. This wine delivers all that I love about this region. The fruit is bright and lifted with more red tones mixed into the dark fruits. There is a core of pure fruit on the palate that is surrounded by spice and dark earthy savory tones. The wine has a long finish and all of the flavors keep being drawn across the palate. Delicious and intriguing.

2017 Ferraton Père et Fils "Lieu Dit Les Picheres" Crozes-Hermitage Rouge
Review Date: 01-24-2020
This smells like Rhone Valley Syrah, dark, rich and savory. This is not a simple poor man's version of some other fancier appellation that I will not name. This wine has guts and intensity. The palate is dark fruits that are backed with leather, smoke, spice, and dusty tannins. This is a wine that wants food, the heartier the better.

2017 Quinta Vale do Meao "Meandro" Douro
Review Date: 01-24-2020
Wild mixed berries, pulverized rock dust, wildflowers, and spice. This smells and tastes like the Douro. Talk about terroir. I love this stuff! This is the perfect entry into this historic wine-growing region (except it's not fortified which means you can drink more of it, more often, at least that's what I do!) The Meandro is the first dry red from the Douro that I tried and made re re-evaluate all of my misconceptions of the style and region. This is an intensely aromatic and flavored wine but it is not overwhelming. It is medium weight on the palate with enough tannin to support the intense crushed berry fruit. It is fresh, there is not a hint of sweetness regardless of the fruit, and the acidity keeps all the flavors flowing across your palate from fruit and flowers to stones and minerals back to that pretty dark fruit. The finish is surprising for the price point and it just makes me want to go back and take another sip. A wine that makes you want to drink more of it, how can you not love that?

2017 Artadi Viñas de Gain
Review Date: 01-23-2020
This is a show stopper Rioja. Yes, an under $25 D*$% that’s good, show stopper Rioja. But not just any Rioja, Rioja Alavesa. Alavesa is the famed home of Tempranillo in the Region. It is the sub-appellation that has several unique qualities. For wine purposes, it is slighter higher elevation and has more chalky clay and limestone in its soils. There is a distinctive character to the wines that are made from grapes from the region. The fruit always has higher tones to it and there is a distinctive dusty mineral tone on the finish, wines from this region always stand out. That is why Artadi left the appellation at the end of 2015. They felt that their uniqueness was being diminished by the mass-produced regional blends that have dominated the region. This is a wine that refuses a definition yet it is so clearly defined. This wine is dense, both aromatically and on the palate. The nose is full of dark red and purplish fruits that seemed to be focused on earth, spice, and minerality. The wine has surprising weight and concentration it delivers way beyond the price point. Pure, bright, fresh, spicy, earthy and long. It is surprisingly good, even though you should know to be surprised with how good Artadi’s wines are
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2007 Lopez de Heredia "Viña Tondonia" Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 01-22-2020
Greatness presents itself differently in different wines. The wines from Lopez de Heredia are in a class all by themselves. This wine a delicious now, the wine is twelve years old!, but it has a long future in front of it. Part of what makes this wine so great is that it is released at the beginning of its maturity. There is no question of what this wine will become, it is. What amazes me it how we can see what this wine will become with time, easily a decade from now, and then a decade after that. What wine on release gives you that? Most other wines you look to the future by subtraction (loss of fruit, settling of oak, and tannin) this wine will be all addition (more savory, more spice, more leather). There is no guesswork, it is all there right now. That is why these wines are so special. This is a wine of complexity, subtlety, depth and energy. Tasting this wine sets a high bar for 2020. I look forward to the new year and future enjoyment of this wine.

2018 Te Mata "Bullnose" Syrah Hawke's Bay
Review Date: 01-21-2020
This is a wine that you need to pay attention to. This bottling of Syrah proclaims that Hawkes Bay is one of the great Terroirs for Syrah in the world. I cannot wait to try this every year. I cannot wait to buy this every year. Bright, savory, and textural this wine is a pleasure for the sense. Bright, sappy red fruits that pop and are lifted and have depth. Behind the fruit is a pleasant smoky and savoriness. The tannins are polished and fine and there is an easiness to the texture, not quite supple but almost. There is a freshness to this, there is a lot going on here but it is never fatiguing, in fact I found myself going back to it, again and again, try to get more and finding it.
Price: $34.99 Add To Cart

2017 Mas de Sainte Croix "Passion d'Une Terre" Côtes du Rhône-Villages Valreas
Review Date: 01-08-2020
Delicious every day red. It opens with sun-warmed dark fruits with savory spicy nuances. Then the palate explodes, the fruit pops with a mix of dark and red fruits and spice. Lots of spice! This is rich, easy delicious. I finishes with soft tannins and a touch of earth and spice.

2016 Pedro Martinez Alesanco Garnacha Rioja
Review Date: 01-08-2020
One of the greatest treasures that Spain has to offer French wine lovers is the gift that it already gave to France, Grenache. Garnacha is from Spain, but I am very grateful to the French for bringing it to everyone's attention, but now it is time for it’s homeland to reclaim it. That is what this wine does. From a vineyard planted in 1905, this is old vine Garnacha. Grown in the iron rich clay soils in the foothills of the Sierra de la Demanda. This showcases Garnacha. It has an opulent nose, intense fruit, rich texture and surprising(or not) complexity. Two things jump out immediately, the intensity of the color and the nose. It is deeply colored, almost purplish, and broad and heady nose simultaneously jumps out of the glass and collapses under its density. It is loaded with fresh berries and a fine spices. The palate is rich and intense but poised. This has that old vine intense that is balanced and focused by the coolness of the growing site. The winemaking is minimal and meant to show off the fruit, only French oak that has already been used, and not aged for the long periods that Rioja is famous for. The fruit is amazing, it goes for days yet it is not fatiguing. There is a subtle earthy mineral element that is intertwined with the easy tannins and an exotic spice that is laced throughout. This is hedonistic Garnacha that will disappear from your glass faster than you will realize but if you get distracted and slow down you can discover that is so much to this wine.
Price: $34.99 Add To Cart

2017 Clos de Luz "Massal 1945" Malbec Rapel Valley
Review Date: 01-05-2020
Wow! that’s a Malbec! And from the other side of the Andes. Mixed red and dark fruits, floral and spicy. With just enough aromatic lift but great depth on the nose. There is a lot to this wine. More wow on the palate, as bright ripe fruits wash over the palate, with very easy tannins. With a little air the wine darkens; the dark berries, fruit blossom, and the spice and earth become a little more apparent. The wine is soft and concentrated, yet is fresh; has drive, but no edges. The tannins are very soft, and there is a touch of earth in the finish. Words fail to capture this Malbec. It is exceptional.

2017 Clos de Luz "Massal 1945" Cabernet Sauvignon Rapel Valley
Review Date: 01-04-2020
Elegant,concentrated, and aromatic. What a Cabernet! This has new world ripe fruit ands the aromatic complexity, depth and focus of a Bordeaux at twice, if not more, the price. Full bodied with good intensity and very polished tannins. There is aromatic lift but it all gets pulled into its concentrated core of ripe fruit in just a hint of tobacco & earth both of which are background accents. It is a fun mix of berries & red fruits with mouth-watering acidity but it is miles away from being tart. This wire is so good that it makes me stop and try to understand how it was made. Berries, earth, tobacco minerality with just a hint of that Chilean mountain herb/scrub play out on the finish. There is a lot happening here. This is one of the best Cabernets in store, especially for the money.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart

2017 Clos de Luz "Azuda" Syrah Rapel Valley
Review Date: 01-04-2020
One of the best-kept secrets in the world of wine is how good Syrah is from Chile. It is an easy secret to keep, most people are not looking for the next great Syrah region, I am here to spill the beans! This wine grabs your attention. It does that effusive, hedonistic thing that Syrah does, without being over the top. The nose is big ripe berries (those perfect just picked farmers market berries that are very ripe, sweet and tangy and you can still smell with a little of that brambly leafy herbal note from the vine) and fine spice. The palate is lush, the tannins are polished and help to convey a berry roundness to the wine. Lots of berries, plums, fine spice, and a creamy mellow coffee note. This is an incredibly accessible Syrah that is almost heady and lush and fresh. This has almost everything anyone would want from Syrah. What a deal, what a wine.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart

2017 Nor'Wester by Greystone Pinot Noir North Canterbury
Review Date: 12-12-2019
This is serious Pinot Noir at a very fun price point. This is aromatic, structured and fresh. High toned aromatics with nice depth, with layers of spice and earth. The palate has some concentration and fresh acidity. This wine is a perfect bridge from the New World to the Old.

Honorío Rubio "Añadas Saca 2018" Blanco Rioja
Review Date: 11-30-2019
Named "Anadas" because it is a non-vintage blend. “Saca” will be familiar to sherry lovers, this is the most recent “withdrawal” from the solera this is aged in. It gets better, this is made from grapes grown in a valley renowned for white wine. This is an oaky, slightly oxidized traditional white Rioja that is made in non-traditional way.
Price: Hidden View Price

2010 La Antigua Clasico Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 11-30-2019
This is an old vine Grenache dominated Rioja from foothills or Rioja Alta. This is 100% Rioja with a twist. The nose is Rioja dark savory with the warmth and inviting spice of the region. The palate is rounder, here is where you feel the grenache, it is rich and has plenty of stuffing and a long complex and very satisfying finish.

2015 Galia "Le Dean" Tierra de Castilla y León
Review Date: 11-22-2019
This is could be the best Ribera del Duero on the shelf, but it is not labeled as such. Before we get bogged down with the details, this wine is stunning. It has mouth-watering aromatics. It smells as if it has every flavor sweet, sour, bitter, salty and savory, it is very striking. You almost want to take a bite out of it more than drink it, almost. That dark Tempranillo fruit hits the perfect balance of a blackberry; almost juicy with sweetness and enough acidic bite to make it pop. There is a savory umami thing that darkens the fruit and a whiff of oak and dusting minerality to hit the salty and bitter elements. The nose is so much fun! The palate is serious. This is a grand wine with a great deal of presence but impeccably balanced. It has everything, texture, fruit, tannin, spice, earth minerality and a finish that goes and goes and goes. This is a wine that demands attention yet is still fun. Drink it tonight with something rich and hearty. It will also benefit from some time in your cellar.
Price: Hidden View Price

2015 Galia "Villages" Tierra de Castilla y León
Review Date: 11-22-2019
Wine is Romantic, it is one of the reasons that makes it so captivating to so many of us. What is romantic will be different for all of us, again, that is why it is great. One of the most captivating things about wine, to me, is the rescuing of old vines. All anyone has to do it say "neglected old vines", from any region in the world and you will have my undivided attention. That is why I was entranced with the wines of Galia. These wines are essentially made from micro-plots of old vine Tempranillo. This wine is so expressive. It has a warmth and generosity that reminds me of summertime. There is a sitting on a grassy hill on a sunny but not too hot of a day warm clean earthiness rising from beneath the decadent, ripe dark berry fruit of this wine. It is summer. The fruit and earth are accented with spice and superfine herbal thing too. The wine just smells delicious. On the palate even more summery with more fruit and less earth but lots of intrigue. It is full, round and solid, built to impress but not bully. The fruit pops over a savory earthy minerality. The beautiful dark Tempranillo fruit sings. This wine is very much akin with its neighbors in the Ribera del Duero but there is a clarity and focus that sets it apart.
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2018 Matt Connell "Rendition" Pinot Noir Central Otago
Review Date: 11-07-2019
This presents the paradox of Pinot. The nose has volume, the aromas take up all the space that is given to them, but the quality of the aromatics is bright and delicate. There is a real fineness to this wine that is immediately charming. The fruit drives the wine but it still has that fine duty herbal tone but at a very low volume. The same experience follows onto the palate, it has great mouthfeel but without any heaviness. The fruit delicately follows that entry with intensity and lightness. It dances. layers of fruit roll across the long finsh. What a Pinot Noir.
Price: $29.99 Add To Cart

2015 Marqués de Murrieta "Finca Ygay" Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 10-29-2019
This wine wows. I just love smelling this wine. It is lifted with bright and dark tones backed with a warming savory spice and basalm tones, all in perfect balance. It is a wine that is not cerebral wine, it smells great and it tastes even better. But it has the hallmark a great wine for me, I just want to keep smelling it. It is medium-full bodied with an open generous mid-palate, surprisingly so. You expect wines like this to have a firmer structure, but it is almost soft and pliant, almost. It gives the impression of being rich and delicate at the same time. With the fruit, spice and oak tones all effortlessly working to enhance each other. I am just a sucker for wines like this.

2017 Quartz Reef "Bendigo Estate Single Vineyard" Pinot Noir Central Otago (Biodynamic)
Review Date: 10-28-2019
This is everything that I have come to love and expect from the Quartz Reef Bendigo, intense dark cherry fruit with the faint herbal spice that only seems to intensify the fruit. It has to be the site and the farming but this wine has a red fruit character to it that is unique to itself but always speaks to me of the Central Otago. Rich and mouth-filling, for a Pinot, with soft round tannins. The finish is where this wine shines, it explodes with slightly macerated mixed wild berries that just goes and goes.

2017 Cooperativa Cristo Del Humilladero "Granito del Cadalso" Garnacha Vinos de Madrid
Review Date: 10-18-2019
There Sierra de Gredos mountain were not on most drinkers wine map a decade ago. The range of mountains is located about an hour west of Madrid. The relatively high elevation and granitic soils and a perfect starting point for delicious Garnacha. Throw in the light touch of winemakers Daniel Landi and Fernando Garcia and the equation is complete. This is a high toned Garnacha with lifted pure aromatics, and hint of mountain herbs. The wine texture and weight of the wine are surprising given the wines delicate hue. A versatile red that also surprises.
Price: $15.99 Add To Cart

2017 Sierra de Toloño Rioja
Review Date: 10-18-2019
Made from small parcels of Tempranillo grown in the very foothills that give the winery it’s name. Sandra Bravo wants to make fresh wines that speak specifically of where they come from, Rioja Alavesa. The elevation, the high concentration of limestone in the soil, the cooling winds from the Tolono mountains give the fruit clarity and depth. The spontaneous fermentation and minimal intervention, and less than a year in older french barrels help soften the tannin and focus the fruit into a wine that speaks of the varietal and Alavesa.
Price: $19.99 Add To Cart

2017 Bodegas Aleanna "El Enemigo" Chardonnay Mendoza
Review Date: 10-17-2019
This is an awesome, awe-inspiring Chardonnay. It is incredible to me that this wine is as reasonably priced as it is. There are great white wines from all over the world, all the places that you would expect; Burgundy, California, Oregon, Australia, Austria, etc, think where ever there are intense, characterful, full-bodied wines with distinctive and specific personalities, where those great wines cost easily 3-4(or even) more times what this wine costs, that doesn’t deliver the way that this wine delivers. We are currently selling another Chardonnay made by the same winemaker from the same region that sells for over $100, that is one of my favorite Chardonnays that I have had all year, but that is something special, a splurge, this is for, some people, everyday price. I don’t know if it is the just the winemaker, it cannot be, but I would not have assumed, even last year, that this small corner of the Uco Valley could be one of the great places in the world for Chardonnay, but it might be. Most importantly this wine is just fun to drink. It is breadth and freshness of Grand Cru Burgundy, the rich, round accessibility of great California Chardonnay and whispers of savory mineral intrigue that are uniquely it's own. This wine suggests all these different wines some with personalities that seem to be opposite of each other, but it takes all of those and brings them together effortlessly. An open bottle will soon be an empty bottle.
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Alvear "1927" Pedro Ximenez Solera Montilla-Moriles (375ml)
Review Date: 10-04-2019
I’ll admit I am a little biased but this could be one of the best dessert wines that we have for sale, especially for the money. We have sold these wines for years, they are great. But like all things wines, we tend to look for all things new, so we end up forgetting. Then we meet them again, with a few more miles (who am I kidding many more miles) down the road. This wine was a revelation. It smells like dessert. Not the bright fresh fruit of other dessert wines. This is holiday bake sale kind of dessert. Molasses and fudge and spices with toffee and caramel. Rum cakes, sticky toffee pudding with concentrated dates and fig thing too. The kid in me is totally satisfied. Then comes savory intrigue. This is not all sweetness. There is tobacco and dried leaves (it makes me think of jumping in piles of leaves, dried leaves). Just enough to layer all of the goodness that came before it. And that is just the nose! Too many words, I know, stay with me, or skip to the end, there is a twist. On the palate it is sweet, its PX, but surprisingly (not the twist) is that it is not cloying. The aromas make you think that your tongue will be coated in syrupy goodness. It isn’t there is a freshness to this, the acid focuses all those great aromas/flavors across your tongue and leaves your mouth watering for more. Classically drunk by itself after dinner or on top of vanilla ice cream, but I want chocolate pecan pie, a la mode. The twist, here it is, is that what this wine made me think of when tasting it was Amaro liqueurs. This is kind of like a non-bitter Amaro. The complexity and the sweetness balanced with savory tones and the higher alcohol it is not too far of a reach. This has tons of cocktail applications. Being oxidized and fortified sealed the deal for me. This is a dessert wine that you do not have to rush to finish. A little is all that you need and it will not fall apart after you open it. Like I said, this could be the best dessert win in the store.

2015 Cune "Imperial" Reserva Rioja
Review Date: 09-13-2019
This is always a wine that you have to pay attention to--but it is really hard not to. The nose is great. It is everything that I want a Rioja to do. It is intense, complex, yet restrained. It gives you everything: dark fruit, spice, earth, oak, but it is integrated and settled, in that no one component jumps out in front of the other. It is just a pleasure to smell and to anticipate that first sip. The promise of the nose is delivered on the palate. This is a full-bodied red that is not heavy; it is lively without edges. These are deep and harmonious flavors that continue to roll on the palate during its long finish. I know I am biased, but this is a ridiculously good wine; and it's in contention for the best red in the shop at the price point.

2017 Susana Balbo "Signature" Malbec Mendoza
Review Date: 08-07-2019
Susana Balbo is an icon in the wine world. For almost as long as I have worked in the industry her wines have been some of the first that I would recommend from Argentina. Balance and purity are the two adjectives that jump to mind first when thinking about her wines. This could be one of the finest Malbecs that I have ever tried from this Iconic brand. It is aromatic, dark fruits, balanced with really fine oak spices with floral and earthy tones to lift and deepen. This wine is polished but not flashy. The tannins are present but soft and frame along with with the really fine oak the beautiful ripe fruit. There is nothing Sauvage about this wine. It is unmistakeable Mendoza Malbec, but it could be the finest one you have ever tried for the money.

2017 Seabold Cellars "Olson Vineyard" Monterey Chardonnay
Review Date: 07-11-2019
This is just what I want from California Chardonnay. Bright clean fruit with restrained oak spice and a hint of leesy richness all framed by mouth-watering acidity. It has the fruit that most Burgundian winemakers would be jealous of and the acidity that all Burgundy drinkers look for. I want to see more Chardonnay like this coming from CA.
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2016 Westwood "Legend" Sonoma County Red Blend
Review Date: 06-20-2019
This is a show stopper. The nose is mixed berries and spice. The palate is lush and round yet structured. The wine is charming and then I was told it was a Cabernet Rhone blend and I was 100% in. Syrah, Grenache, and Cabernet are great dancing partners. The prior soften the later and the Cab gives a framework for the fruit of the prior to play off of. I wish there are more winemakers willing to play with these blends. All they need to do is try this and they will see the light.
Price: $49.95 Add To Cart

2016 Liparita Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon
Review Date: 06-11-2019
Sometimes I find it best not to ask questions, this is one of those occasions, but the question that I am not looking for an answer for is “Why are these wines priced this way?” First the Yountville now this Oakville. This is an Oakville wine, I have no personal experience with Liparita, but one sniff and you know that the fruit that this wine was made from came from Oakville. This is a big, dark fruited (for me that classic cassis), mouth-filling, rich Cabernet. Who cares why it’s priced this way, I am still curious, but this is a wine for everyone who loves big Napa wines to take advantage of.
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2016 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir Martinborough
Review Date: 05-08-2019
When I think of when Martinborough this is the first winery I think of. There are many great Pinots coming from New Zealand and most of them seem to come from the Southern Island so it could be easy to overlook the wines from this small appellation. After you try this you will never forget. This is a classic for me. Beautiful dark red fruits, a touch of exotic spice and a delicate herbal savory element that makes everything else pop. Medium bodied with good texture, fresh acid, and just enough tannin to give it presence. Drink tonight but put it in your cellar, next to your Burgundy, and you will be rewarded.

Launois "Quartz" Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne
Review Date: 08-23-2018
It is hard to choose a favorite Launois wine. All of them are so good. What makes the Quartz stand out, other than it being unique in that it has few ATM's of pressure in the bottle, is the brightness of the fruit. There is a dazzling purity that make you want more and more! The mousse is soft and you couldn't guess that there is less pressure, and the finish is terrific. Grab some while we still have it.
Price: $39.99 Add To Cart

San Venanzio Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Brut
Review Date: 08-08-2018
Clean pear fruit backed with a hint of minerality. There is way more wine in this bottle of bubbles than you would expect from a Prosecco at this price point.
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La Petite Marquise Crémant de Loire Brut
Review Date: 02-28-2018
Classic Cremant de Loire, and on of the best sparkling wine values we have had at K&L for long, long time. Cool yellow fruits, rich yeast notes and a crisp finish. It drinks well above it's price point.
Price: $14.99 Add To Cart

Mas Codina Cava Brut Reserva Penedès
Review Date: 05-30-2015
This is no ordinary Cava. There is a good percentage of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are used in the blend. What that means is that there is breadth and depth to this sparkler that you do not find in similarly priced Cavas. Mix that with clean fruit tones, a moderate amount of yeastiness and a classic Brut finish and you get one of K&L's best sparkling values.
Price: $12.99 Add To Cart

Jean-Louis Denois "Tradition" Extra Brut Reserve
Review Date: 08-31-2012
Champagne in all but name? Aged 18 months on it lees, just like NV Champagne. Made by a wine maker trained in Champagne. Grapes grown, well not in Champagne but that's why we can sell it for $15! Toasty, nutty and dry with just a hint of red berries. Buy this buy the case and drink it every night.
Price: $17.99 Add To Cart

Michel Dervin Brut Champagne
Review Date: 06-29-2012
Blanc de Noirs for a song! Dried stone fruits, brioche on the nose and palate. Concentrated and very dry this is an under- valued over achieving wine.
Price: $32.99 Add To Cart

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