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Local Events

Local Events

Special K&L Dinners and Tastings

  • December 14: San Francisco: Cvne -Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España 12 noon till 3 pm $10.00 Tasting Fee

    One of Riojas's greatest names is also one of its oldest. Founded in 1879, CVNE (or "Cune") has moved from strength to strength over the past 140 years, defining and preserving traditional Rioja wine-making while also spearheading some of the most technologically advanced facilities in Spain. Join us on Saturday as we explore new releases from a legend in Spanish wine.

    The Line Up

    NV Roger Goulart Gran Reserva Brut Cava (750 ml) $19.99

    2018 Cune Rosado Rioja (750 ml) $11.99

    2015 Viña Real Crianza Rioja (750 ml) $15.99

    2016 Cune Crianza Rioja (750 ml) $11.99

    2011 Cune Reserva Rioja (750 ml) $25.99

    2012 Contino Reserva Rioja (750 ml) $41.99

    2014 Viña Real Reserva Rioja (750 ml) $29.99

    2015 Cune "Imperial" Reserva Rioja (750 ml) $39.99

    2012 Cune "Imperial" Gran Reserva Rioja (750 ml) $69.99

    21 and older, Walk-Ins are welcomed, ends promptly at 3 pm, line-up subject to changes.
  • January 19: Fete du Bordeaux - It's January and time for the annual Fete du Bordeaux featuring the 2017 vintage as well as some oldies but goodies! Purchase now!
  • January 24: Union Grand Cru Wine Tasting - The annual UGC tasting is here. This is an amazing opportunity to taste the 2017 vintage. Purchase tickets here!
  • February 8: Château Haut-Bailly Dinner with Véronique Sanders - A special, intimate dinner with the managing director of Haut-Bailly.... Purchase here...

Saturday Tastings

     All tastings are from noon to 3pm in San Francisco, 1 to 4pm in Redwood City and 3 to 5:30pm in Hollywood - No Person Under 21 Permitted in Tasting Bar.

  • January 4: Tasting Bars Closed Today - Happy New Year! The tasting bars are closed today. Join us for our first 2020 Saturday tasting next Saturday, January 11th!
  • January 11: Bordeaux $20
  • January 18: Loire Valley $20
  • January 25: Burgundy $20
  • February 1: Australia, New Zealand and South Africa $20

Hollywood Thursday Night Tastings

     Hollywood - Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:00pm - No Person Under 21 Permitted in Tasting Bar.

  • January 9: Bordeaux with Jacques $5 - Welcome back to the tasting bar! We're starting our new year off with Jacques--our in-house Bordeauxitarian. We'll taste through a lineup of K&L direct import winemakers, sure to warm your bones.
  • January 16: Sake for the Season with Kerry san $5 - Join fan-favorite Kerry san for a seminar on pairing sake with seasonal foods and produce.
  • January 23: Faiveley & Leflaive with Joanne Beamon $5 - Two Burgundy greats, side by side.
  • January 30: Wines of New Zealand, Australia, South Africa $5 - Join us for a romp through some of our favorite direct import winemakers from the Commonwealth.
  • February 13: Valentine's Day Pre-Game with Laurent-Perrier $5

Redwood City Sunday Spirits Tasting

     Redwood City - Sunday Spirits Tastings from 4-5:00pm - No Person Under 21 Permitted in Tasting Bar.

  • January 5: Codigo Tequila - Free Event! -  Please join us for a free tasting of Codigo Tequila! Lineup to be determined.
  • January 12: M Squared Spirits - Free Event! - Please join us for a free tasting from M Squared Spirits! Lineup to be determined.
  • January 19: Woodinville Bourbon - Free Event! - Please join us for a tasting of Woodinville Bourbon! Lineup to be determined.

San Francisco Sunday Afternoon Spirits Tasting

     San Francisco - Sunday Afternoon Spirits Tasting from 3:30 pm -5 pm - No Person Under 21 Permitted in Tasting Bar.

  • December 15: Mezcal Union - 3:30 PM to 5 PM No Tasting Fee!

    Mezcal es Union: An excellent product meeting a very high standard.

    “An old man shared his Mezcal, his stories, and his ideas.

    The old man told us something that caught our attention: he commented that the future of Mezcal would be based on UNION”

    We are super excited for this very last spirit tasting to be Mezcal es Union this Sunday! Mezcal Union is a mezcal production that is self-sustaining and meaningful. It is important that the quality of the product and the well-being of the producers are equally valued. Mezcal Union is a true social and economic development for producing families through fair trade. Their flagship blend is distilled by Pédro Hernandez in San Baltazar Guelavila and is a blend of Espadin and Cirial and supports traditional agave farmers across the area. Extremely mellow and easy drinking without sacrificing any of the agave flavor, this is one of the most approachable and affordable mezcals on the shelf.


    Unión "Uno" Mezcal (750ml) $31.99

    Unión "El Viejo" Mezcal (750ml) $49.99